Custom Picture Framing / Showroom New Operation

To our dear customers and fellow artists,

Our shop will now be closed to regular everyday face-to-face sales per Public Health and Safety Department. We are now implementing a “by appointment only” scheduling and/or on-line modular picture framing consulatation and sales. If you need custom picture framing or have questions please email us at:

Yours and our safety is priority. Thank you for all your continuing support!

“Something Ridiculous” by Bob Laney and Thomas Young

“Something Ridiculous” by Bob Laney and Thomas Young, a duo art show that will be shown at our Oakland Annex facility this July through October. Their combined work will showcase an intriguing combination of collage work.

Come pass by this July through October to see their art show.

Art show:    July 11 – October 15
Reception:  July 27 (sat),  5-8pm

Jack London Square Realty
311 Oak Street, Suite 116
Oakland, Ca 94607

“Dreams and Stories” by Robert Bagnasco Murray and Rose Kelly

“Dreams and Stories”  is a duo art show that is currently being held at our annex space at Jack London Square Realty in Oakland.

This current exhibit is showcading 2D and 3D artwork by two local artists. Their esotheric visual practice shows a seemingly recognizable iconographies put in a mix of whimsy and abstraction.

Come pass by our annex space and see their show

Art show:   Feb 11 – Apr 12

Reception: March 16 (sat) 5 – 7pm


                  Jack London Square Realty

                  311 Oak Street, Suite 116

                  Oakland, Ca 94607

“HOME” by Terese Garcia

We cordially invite everyone to attend “HOME”, a solo art show by Terese Garcia. This solo art show will be showcasing her latest work that explores textures, material and processes. Her show will be held at our annex space in Jack London Square vicinity this May through July.

Come pass by, meet the artist, see the show and purchase one of her art for your collection.


May 19 (Sat), 2018;   6 – 8pm

art show:

May 17 – July 30


Jack London Square Realty
311 Oak Street, Suite 116
Oakland, Ca 94607

“BOLD: Unpretentious” – group art show

We at the Paolo Mejia Fine Art and Design cordially invites everyone to attend our group art show entitled “BOLD: Unpretentious”  this coming May at our main facility in Oakland. We will be exhibiting another great collection of work by artists locally, nationally to internationally. In this show, we will explore the boldness of their visual creativity whether using the medium as its main tool of exploration, dabbling with striking colors to capture visual connection, selecting captivating composition to bring interest, or repeating patterns to create illusion. These ideas and concepts that our guest artists are exploring will be showcased at our main facility in Oakland. Come pass by this May to see our group show, meet and greet artists, and purchase a piece, or two, to diversify your collection.

reception:  MAY 5  ;  6 – 8pm

art show:    MAY 5 – JUNE 30


Paolo Mejia Fine Art and Design
5634 Shattuck Ave
Oakland, Ca 94609


WIlly B
Becca Barolli
Elizabeth Dante

Reggie Davis
Oliya Maicoh
Paolo Mejia
Janice Nakashima
Shraya Rajbhandary
Sandra Martinez Regan
Rafael J. Rodriguez
Molly Scott
Eric Stampfli
Mercutio Timpe
Radio Free Clear Lights  (aka  Lydia Hirari)

and more…

“the Ugly, Beautiful and Surreal” group art show

The Paolo Mejia Fine Art and Design cordially invites everyone to pass by and see our next group art show entitled “the Ugly, Beautiful and Surreal”. This group art show will usher in the new Solstice. As we usher in the Spring Solstice, we will explore each guest artists’ interpretation of how each perceive ugly, beauty and the surreal through their visuals using flora as a theme. This will be an interesting collection of work that will give a variety of visual pleasure. Come pass by our main gallery in Oakland and see this show in April

Reception:   APRIL 7 (Sat)  5-8pm

Art show:      APRIL 7 – 30

Where:        5634 Shattuck Ave., Oakland, Ca 94609


Willy B
Becca Barolli
Donna Marchesano
Paolo Mejia
Justin Pastores
Sandra Regan
Jared Roses
Eric Stampfli
Kelly Witte
Daniell Wogulis

“Human FORM: reinterpreted” by Bill Jackson

We would like to announce our next art show at our main gallery in Oakland entitled “Human Form: Reinterpreted” by Bill Jackson. He will be showcasing his new body of photographic work. In this exhibit, he explores the human form and transforms them in a simple B + W generated organic shape. Reminiscent of quazi-rorschach feel, he captures the essence of the body form in a minimal abstract visual effect. .

Come pass by our main gallery in Oakland this January and bring in a new year by seeing and purchasing new art.

PAOLO MEJIA fine art and design
5634 Shattuck Ave
Oakland, Ca 94609

reception:Jan. 13 (Sat), 3 – 5pm

art show:Jan 4 – 30, 2018