Elizabeth Dante

I am fascinated with the mind and the its evolution. In my art, I investigate factors contributing constructive or destructive changes our minds go through and why they occur. Presently, I focus on belief systems and emotional intelligence as I see the unquestionable connection between the two. I research them both scientific and own observation points of view. As we live in the time of fast change and globalization, beliefs are homogenizing. Our mindscapes are yet so raw and bare of information we are exposed to in media. Information is often presented to us in ways to evoke our emotions for making us vulnerable, autonomic believers.

My visual language is semi-abstraction and abstraction as this couple relates to abstract definition of my art and allows the freedom of my imagination and intuition. I see well together abstraction and the minds as both flexible and infinite. Currently, my media is mixed. I begin with my works with a print (monotype, etching, etc.) and think it to be a print in someone’s or my own mind – a belief. This is my starting point where the combination of research, the thinking process, intuition and imagination come to evolve my works further using media such as watercolor and drawing. I see self-development and self-discovery as the ultimate goals for any individual and intent to express it in my art in the best possible ways. We enter the age where mind creativity and flexibility are the winners, so why not start letting go of beliefs, become emotionally intelligent, and embrace the infinite space of possibilities and creations?


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