Danielle Wogulis

Danielle Wogulis is a figurative painter who was born and raised in Northern California. She received a BA in painting from UC Santa Barbara in 2014 and spent a year studying at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. Danielle has spent years painting dreamscapes, treating dreams as a theater where she processes her emotions by projecting them onto her own body or the bodies of others. In recent years, she has turned this energy to exploring the body as site of emotional expression, painting violently altered bodies as a way of coping or processing. However, the more she experiences real violence inflicted on her real body and becomes aware of the systemic violence woven into the structure of our society, the more she becomes interested in pushing to make the actual more dreamlike. She has mostly approached this from a botanical angle: plants that look like aliens or evoke a sense of ritualistic symbolism. Finding the surreal in real life bridges the gap she feels between dream painting and representative painting, and botanical forms provide a vehicle for a gentler approach to the division between tumultuous dream worlds and perceptual reality. Danielle currently lives and works in Sacramento.


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