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The Paolo Mejia Art Gallery and Design Studio invites everyone to attend our “Grand Opening” group show this September. This group show will exhibit the boldness and creativeness of art. See the various medium used to express the creative process, originality of concepts, and boldness of subject matter that our guest artists are attempting to share and relay. Come by the First Friday of September.

ART SHOW:    September 4 – 25, 2015


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“In Memory of Terry Beals”


It is a sad news to hear and announce that one of our resident artist has passed away on August 15. Terry Beals was a good man that had a professional business life.

Terry immediately had the insatiable interest in art when he dabbled with it on occasion after he retired. He was a businessman with business mentality, but after retirement he discovered that art was an interesting therapeutic direction in life. It is often an illusive business practice. Terry delved himself to see how he would fair in approaching this field seeking if there was any pattern he can use to leverage his new creative outlet. But alas, it has eluded him, that is if there was such a thing as a pattern in the business side of making and selling art.

Terry had mentioned to me in the past that:

“Art shows reminds us of beauty… It enhances our life experience…”

These words is so genuinely true. Art is a beauty to those who recognizes and seizes it. With these words we say farewell to a good friend and a fellow artist. We will miss you Terry…

NEWS: Custom Picture Framing


As part of art related services that our gallery offers, we will be integrating and introducing custom picture framing in our repertoire. With our ten years of custom picture framing experience and professional customer service, you can entrust your artistic projects upon us, and that it will be finished and completed to your liking. Follow us in our venture and get your custom picture framing done at our facility.

NEWS: Grand Opening

The PAOLO MEJIA art gallery and design studio is very excited to announce the re-establishment of our art gallery. We are back after a low-keyed year, and now we have found a new home at a prime and active location of North Beach/Telegraph Hill. After two and a half years of fantastic and dynamic artistic exploratives at our 3rd Street main facility, we say farewell to our first home that brought us creative insights and fundamentals. Our first home was an intimate space where we grew, developed and cultivated our commonality with our artists and community. It shall be missed dearly and remembered.

As we re-establish our gallery at our new space in North Beach/Telegraph Hill, we will be venturing with two other entities that will make the neighborhood more intense and dynamic. Our collaborative venture will focus in the fine arts, design and music. This venture will be a fruitful one and will develop into a bigger phenomenon that will excite and bring interest to everyone. We hope to create this excitement and interest because our goal is to keep the ARTS alive and for that to thrive in a fast technologically developing society. Visit us soon as we move in this September and bring you a group show as a presentation for our Grand Opening.

CALL for art: BOLD – the Unpredictable

bold flyer

The PAOLO MEJIA art gallery and design studio invites everyone to submit work that shows boldness, originality, creativeness and the unexpected. This group show is our  Grand Opening for our art gallery at our new home now located in North Beach. We will be part of North Beach’s First Fridays and other art related festivities that happens in that neighborhood year long. There are about 3-4 galleries that participates in the monthly event and brings in a great foot traffic. The facility is surrounded by multiplicitous restaurants, retail stores and other businesses, which makes the area dynamically active and a great area to be. As part of our grand opening, we want to show your creative work and exciting concept to the community, and to give you the opportunity to be exposed and sell your work at a bustling area.

Let us see your work with these parameters and beyond.