Donna Marchesano

For Donna Marchesano creating is a healing, sensual, and spiritual experience of tapping into a wisdom space that she truly believe exists. She either sketch directly onto the canvas or paper, or often takes her sketchbook out to determine the movement and the flow of the work. Because of the miraculous healing blessings she has received, she strive to create through her work: the inherent joy that she see in her imagination, to impart the knowledge of the power of art to heal, and the ability to produce a paradigm shift for the viewer. During Donna’s creative process, she either works from memory, sketches, still life, photos (sometimes all four) to achieve her intention for the work and also allow the present moment determine the direction of the piece. Sound, light, and emotions play an essential role to help the end result to be a product of the flow of that spontaneous and unpredictable energy. Through the years, Donna has learned to harness this spontaneous energy during the creative process, which allows her to intentionally co-create. Donna feels that her work is not only a reflection of her intentions of healing herself or the world around her, but is a voice of a deeper connected awareness that has been awakened in her.

“I intend my art to share this awareness with the hope that it will benefit all who see it. … nameste. “



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