Paolo Mejia Solo Art Show at Jack London Square Realty

remix - duality 1 5x7 front copy

The Paolo Mejia Art Gallery and Design Studio in collaboration with Jack London Square Realty cordially invites everyone to attend a solo art show by Paolo Mejia. This solo art show will showcase a body of work that deals with the process of reinventing unconventional art material and turning them into fine artwork. Come pass by Jack London Square Realty, see his show and purchase a piece or two for your collection.



Jack London Square Realty
311 Oak St, Suite 116
Oakland, Ca 94607

Collage Making Art Class/Workshop offered at the Paolo Mejia Art Gallery and Design Studio

paolomejia-Convolution-6The Paolo Mejia Art Gallery and Design Studio will be offering a “Collage Making” art class/workshop this August. The class/workshop will offer guidance in how to make collage work traditionally and contemporaneously. The gallery will be offering an open curriculum to all levels of art makers or hobbyists. The class is open to advanced level collage makers/hobbyists who needs a little more challenge, a communal group or a facility to make their artwork at. The class/workshop’s goal is to offer interest visually and discoveries by experimentation of materials to make artwork. By the end of the sessions, individuals will have a feel of collage making and different ways of approaching this fascinating process of art making. Consider collage making a repertoire in your visual fine art making. It will help you diversify and enhance your visualization process and portfolio.

roberto MENDEZ solo art show


Come join us this September to see Roberto Mendez‘s art show. He will be showing original oil paintings and digital figurative artwork that will depict a heavy influence from his Mexican heritage. His work is visually abrasive but has a definitive expressive feel with a touch of gusto.

Come pass by the main gallery and see his show. His artwork will be available for purchase.

               art SHOW: September 2 – September 29

artist RECEPTION: September 6 (Friday);  5 – 8 pm

“CUT and paste” art show

Here are some pictured of the show that is currently showing at the main gallery presented by the Paolo Mejia Art Gallery and Design Studio.