Abstract art making

The Paolo Mejia Art Gallery and Design Studio offers classes/workshops such as “Abstract Art” making. It is an open class to all levels of Abstract art maker or hobbyist. If you are interested or have been wondering about how to make abstract work and do not know where to start then this class will offer you guidance. Or, if you are an advanced level abstract maker who needs a little more challenge, and/or need a communal group then this class/workshop will provide you what you are seeking. The class/workshop will offer interest and excitement in visualizing the potentiality of all levels of art making. The class/workshop will also discuss/guide individuals to see where one’s art can potentially lead to. Consider abstract art making a repertoire in your visual art. It will help you diversify and enhance your visualization process.

(This is just one type of class/workshop that we offer at the gallery/studio. Let us know how we can help you with enhancing or enriching your artistic skills.)


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