Q & A

Here are some questions that visitors, buyers and artists frequently asks:

Q: Are the artwork or design work provided directly from the artists?
A: Yes. All original artwork and skillful design work are meticulously made by our respectable artists that we represent.

Q: How do I purchase an art piece?
A: Art/design piece(s) can be purchased by pressing the “BUY NOW” button, which will lead to a Paypal site and can be purchased through that site. If one does not have a Paypal account, then one can pay with credit card by emailing or calling us. Shipping fee is additional to the purchase price of an art/design piece. SALE IS FINAL.

Q: Can artwork or design work be shipped anywhere in the country or internationally?
A: Yes. We do ship artwork or design work anywhere around the world.

Q: Is there shipping fee?
A: Yes. There is additional fee for shipping artwork or design work, depending on weight. The additional fee will be determined after an artwork or design work is purchased.

Q: Are artwork or design work insured during “transit”?
A: Artwork or design work can be insured during “transit”. Insurance is additional fee that can be tabulated with the shipping fee.

Q: What happens when an artwork is received and it is damaged?
A: An artwork is usually insured in “transit” if the buyer/purchaser chooses this option. If an art piece comes in damage then it must be reported to the mail carrier immediately to make a claim/get compensated and, if an artwork is not insured, the gallery and artist takes no responsibility for any damage art piece “being delivered/in transit”.

Q: Is sale FINAL?
A: Yes. ALL sales are final.

Q: How do I become a featured artist?
A: To become a gallery featured artist, one must submit a sampler of up to 10 images of what you do best. Send samples to paolomejia@hotmail.com. The gallery will contact you and will follow-up on your submission. Once selected you will be given a contract to sign and a solo time slot to showcase your artwork at our three facilities located in San Francisco and East Bay.

 Q: Is there a fee to be a featured artist?
A: No. There is no fee to take part in/with the gallery. All we request is that the artist be serious about their pledge to work and collaborate with the gallery.