Fundraising/donation to Bantay Bata (Child Watch)

The Paolo Mejia Art Gallery and Design Studio is asking everyone to join us to help fund raise for a good cause by purchasing art from our featured artists’ gallery. Percentage of the proceeds will be donated to our selected non-profit foundation. The non-profit foundation that the gallery is supporting is called Bantay Bata (Child Watch). Bantay Bata (Child Watch) is a non-profit foundation that was established to rescue abused, abandoned and dislocated children living in the Philippines.

The art gallery is helping to fund raise to rehabilitate an old, worn down, dilapidated center that’s in a dire need of repair for their rescued children. While the center is being used for shelter for rescued children, keeping up with the cost of maintaining the facility has been tough with lack of funding. So, in the past years, the center has been braking down due to lack of funds to keep it maintained. In much ado, the children’s foundation and gallery’s goal is to raise up to $80K in order to fix the entire center. With the funding, it will help fix broken and rusted windows, cracked and chipped walls, torn and holed ceilings inappropriate for living conditions. We ask everyone, your friends, family and anyone else that can lend a hand to help raise fund for a great cause.

If you are interested in purchasing art visit our site at Or, if you can lend a hand by donating in monetary value please contact us at or contact JoAnn Kyle at ABS-CBN Bantay Bata Foundation International: Any help will make a difference in the lives of these rescued children. Thank you for your time.