Monica Valdez

Artist Statement

“Shapes and colors oscillate in time and space. Everything I see melts into shapes and lines, details seem to disappear, and only colors and shapes is what remains. Throughout these prints figures are expressed in a more raw state compared to the surrounding elements. Shapes and colors become a representation of the person’s mood or character. These shapes and colors become playful and lively compared to the figure. Throughout the prints the figures are all drawn in a similar way and left colorless. Like in life, what surrounds us or what we choose to be surrounded by is what reflects our personality of what want to become.”


Monica Valdez was born in San Jose, California in 1986. Her decision to pursue a life in art began in college coincidentally by signing up for a sculpture class. She then continued on by taking painting and drawing classes. In college, Monica found a new outlet for expressing ideas and imagery in a creative and quazi-stylistic style. During her years in the local college she had the opportunity to work on public murals, and participate in public venues and events. When she transferred to the local university to continue art, Monica were exposed to a completely unfamiliar environment. There she was encouraged by many of the staffs to create a new approach in art making. These new approaches were eye opening and gave more possibilities to her art making. After graduating with her BFA, she continued to develop her own ways of painting and drawing, where patterns, shapes, and colors were more emphasized than ever before.

Monica Valdez has displayed art in galleries and other venues around the Bay Area such as Backwater Galleries, Phantom Galleries, Voodoo Lounge, The Arsenal Gallery and more. She continues to pursue her passion in the fields of art.



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