Pascal Rochette

For 15 years, Pascal Rochette used traditional techniques of trompe l’oeil to create murals of landscapes and architectural ambiances. He abandoned these figurative techniques to start his personal work inspired by the manifold encounter with the Brazilian rain forests.

Like the modern painter deconstructed the academic rules of figuration, Pascal felt the need to go behind the realistic and decorative representation of nature in order to approach its true nature (to pun) and to uncover the roots of its beauty.

Pascal’s paintings, situated at the margins of abstraction, interpret his obsession with the Brazilian Rain Forest as a startling and overwhelming experience in color and texture.

His paintings (in acrylic) use superposition and erasure of lines and colors to communicate the affective, almost mystical, quality of vision overcome by the force of nature.

In the same vein he works on a project with Amerindians groups in Brazil in order to explore their notions of “perspectivism” in which nature is personified and acts as an artist itself.

Pascal Rochette was born in Paris, lived for 25 years in Brazil, and is currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area.



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