Alan Miguel Hall

Artist  Statement

There are different forms of expression that perfectly suit different states of mind. And so it is with Alan Miguel’s visual art. It shifts between the organic and geometric; from chaos to order. In one way or another, we encounter all of these states in our lives. This schizophrenic and constantly changing artistic practice seems to suit him at the moment.

Life and the blank canvas can be both terrifying and exciting. The point for Alan Miguel is to be fully engaged. Every time he does, he learns something new. Sometimes, he emerges blissful and content; having added a new twist to the feedback loop between Alan Miguel’s artwork and his psyche. If he’s lucky, others will be able to hack into this feedback loop.

When at work, Alan Miguel inquires how one color plays off another. He strives for that precarious balance between positive and negative space, investigate the realm where the improvised gestural mark must co-­exist with the carefully planned one. Alan Miguel is interested in the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi, which concerns the beauty of worn and aged objects, and is intrigued by the links between our man‐made environment, chaos, order, nature and art. Inside and outside the studio, these concerns provide endless moments of challenge and discovery.

Alan Miguel’s mixed media includes acrylic paint, charcoal, encaustic, oil paint, graphite, acrylic spray, various gels and concoctions, cloth, paper, stencils and digital photography.