Paul Graf

“These ‘sculptural paintings’ reflect my approach to the interface between 2 & 3 dimensional art, and the raised textures that are the graphic results. In different lighting and viewed from different angles, many aspects of the image come forward or recede as you move about. Rhythmic forms with subtle shifting are used to create atmospheres, or small worlds in their own right.

My imagery in these relief paintings veers into the surrealist world, with usage of many common symbols overlaid in a collage style. What I hope is that when people first see my work, it is compelling enough as an overall image to draw them in for a closer look. As they pull in tighter, they are led into an alternate world, a floating plane framed in space. Subtleties in the details should lead the viewer spatially and thematically from pairings of disparate objects to connections of ideas; hopefully not unlike neurons firing away in an activated brain.

The pieces are low to mid relief wall hangings, usually cast in Hydrocal, a hard plaster, which I enjoy as a painting surface. I’ve also cast these images in Bronze, Aluminum, and

I have a degree from CCAC and am currently a member of the Sculpture Faculty at the Academy of Art University in SF; as well as guest instructor at the Mendocino Art Center, and Douglas & Sturgess. “