Elizabeth Dante

Stylistic inspiration for Elizabeth Dante’s work ranges from classical naturalism to stylistic narration. Much of her sculpture explores the dynamics between round organic forms and hard rigid angles. By exaggerating this interplay, a sense of tension is created which is both lively and sensual.

Dante’s work combines ancient and modern rituals, extracting archetypes and stylized motifs. She pay homage to the many facets of the human spirit, characterized by warmth, humor and sometimes political commentary.

Elizabeth Dante has exhibited in numerous shows in the United States and Italy. Her outstanding works have been showcased in collaborative efforts such as “Art on the Rock at Alcatraz”, and “The Day of the Dead” Exhibition at The Museum of Mexican Art. In 1990, she received the prestigious Art of Peace Award from the Artist Embassy International for her sculpture “Woman’s Liberation”, which was chosen by the Oakland Art Commission as a gift to Nelson Mandela and the people of South Africa.