Crystal Kamoroff


Crystal Kamoroff is a San Francisco based artist who has exhibited work in galleries and various art venues both nationally and throughout the Bay Area. She received her BFA from San Jose State University and MFA from Bowling Green State University. Crystal is an active studio artist with a background in ceramics and sculpture, and has a passion for installation and site-specific art. She is constantly researching information and techniques that inform and her work as well as seeking out artist communities that facilitate creative dialogues and collaborations.

Artist Statement

I am motivated by reinvention and transformation of a physical and spiritual nature. My artwork is a record documenting the act of connecting. In my process I create visual relationships and links that construct a desirable whole from fragmented parts. These connections simultaneously defy and employ logic in playful ways.

My intention is to visually represent the mind at work; to render uninterrupted flow; a myriad of impressions; multifarious thoughts and feelings; without regard to narrative sequence; and to place value on experience over deductive reasoning.