Jon Kwak


Jon Kwak is a graduate San Diego State University and studied at L’accademia Belle Arti in Firenze (The Art Academy of Florence) in Italy from 1998-1999.  Mr. Kwak has worked with famous international artists like Andy Goldsworthy, Conchita Amata, James Hubbell and Susan Felix.  Mr. Kwak was one of recipient at Artist Fellowship ,Inc from New York in 2011.  Mr. Kwak has taught art all age groups (k-12) in California and Vermont. He has been shown his work in Italy, San Diego, and around the Bay Area.

Artist Statement

“My artwork is about the image of ‘X’.  This creative foundation was discovered while I was a studying at L’accademia Belle Arti di Firenze (The Fine art of Academy of Florence) in Italy.  This foundation was laid out as in the historical context–the feeling isolation at the time as a foreign student which has led me to exploring the possibilities of image of ‘X’ for seventeen years.  To me’X’ evokes and signifies childhood memory or life being x-ed out, marked, finished, reborn-liked in my work.  During my creative process of the ‘X’, I do not read the ‘X’ as a Roman numeral or letter; I am more interested in observing the shapes when juxtaposed with the found objects. There is an inexplicable mystery when the image of ‘X’ juxtaposed with found objects.”


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