Darrell Hunger

Artist Statement

“I’m exploring the visual aesthetics of chaos through the dissection and rearrangement of photographs and paintings. The art pushes the definition as to what is disorganized chaos or an elegant metamorphosis.

I find the universe to be a gallery of forms and images that that are in an inner play with the passage of time and being sculpted by light.

This transitory reality is expressed in a way to show how rearranged elements can be visually unified into a new exciting form of controlled chaos. It is my desire that the viewer will find these frozen kaleidoscopic images to be mysterious, cohesive and visually attractive.”


“I have been researching this vein of art for many years and have yet to see any other artist do as much exploration and to have stick to as I have. Reinventing to me is not just any idea and a few pieces but a commitment for many years.”


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