“Parochial Beacon” by Izuuk Rigor

parochial beacon eflyer

Izuuk Rigor is a collaborative outfit and is the product of the institutionalized art system; the Manchurian Candidate of art school; the Frankenstein of the commercial art world. In Parochial Beacon”, Izuuk Rigor will be exhibiting in the periphery neighborhood of the Bay View District in San Francisco. Location is context as it is ironic. It is a statement (fashionable, of course) to simultaneously be an insider and outsider, avant-garde in its deadliest cliche. For its first exhibition, Izuuk Rigor will create a location-specific monotype and sculptural installation using the beacon as a metaphor of the cultural deadening in the San Francisco Bay Area.



Paolo Mejia Art Gallery and Design Studio
4343  3rd Street, Suite B
(crossroad – Kirkwood)
San Francisco, Ca 94124