CALL FOR ART: “cut & paste”

cut and paste flyer

The Paolo Mejia Art Gallery and Design Studio is seeking emerging / established artists for our group art show this June through August entitled “cut & paste”. We are seeking collage work of traditional and contemporary process. Artists are encouraged to submit strong pieces that best fits the title of the show, and best represent who you are and what you do as an artist.

Submission guidelines:

+ Submit up to 10 strong pieces for consideration. (Images should not be more than 2MB.)
+ Any medium is allowed.
+ Submit a separate .doc file for the list of art being submitted in. (Please indicate by numbering the info that corresponds to the image file.)


+ Submit a small Biography/Artist statement (1 paragraph preferred).
+ If you have a website/link please submit as well.
+ Email to paolomejia(at)
+ $20 submission FEE. (Fee is for food, preparatory, and advertising.)

DEADLINE for submission: CLOSED