Featured Art – “Found in the Sand” by Priscilla Ameneyro

 Found in the SandFound in the Sand
Mixed media on paper
11″ x 14″

Priscilla Ameneyro is an experimental artist. In this particular piece, she experiments with acrylic medium and dilutes it to create an almost transparent effect for the ground. She then juxtapose the ground with definite elements creating a post-modern vernacular piece. The grouping of elements alludes to an interesting visual and focal point that hints a sublime connotation with playful overtones.

April “Small Art” group show roster

Here are the roster for our April “Small Art” salon style group show. All art will be for sale.

Please support our local artists by attending the show in April at the Paolo Mejia Art Gallery and Design Studio. Come to the gallery, see original arts, meet the artists and purchase art.

Paolo Mejia Art Gallery and Design Studio
4343 3rd. Street, Suite #B
San Francisco, Ca 94124

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Featured art – “Golden” by Chico Coelho


Acrylic on canvas
20″ x 20″

Chico Coelho is a local Bay Area artist and musician who paints in a tantric-like expression. This painting seemingly implies a meditative visual response as one focuses deeply at the piece. The effect of the painting resonates and shifts around resulting to a sensation of a quasi-calm and ineffable euphoric state. This body of work pulses with creative energy.

Chico’s paintings deal with an amalgamation of styles of pointillism and color field technique. He has been exploring with this experimentation and he calls it Dissolution of Fractals.

Feature Art – “Red Iron Oxide: Homage to David Park” by Douglas Yee

Red Iron Oxide: Homage to David Park

Oil on Canvas
72” x 60”

Douglas Yee is an abstract and figurative painter. In this particular painting, Douglas embarks in expressing the sublime through his minimalistic work. He uses minimalism to capture the simplicity of an expression, emotion or gesture, combined with the element of scale, it capitulates an individual to its vastness of emotional and sensational visual field.

A view of “Grimm’s Fairy Tale” art show

Below are pictures from the Grimm’s Fairy Tale art show by Frost Newton. Take a look at some of the artworks shown in Frost Newton’s show at the San Leandro Public Library.

“Blue Series” by Mary Collins

marycollins artDouble Image
Acrylic on canvas
18″ x 24″

The Paolo Mejia Art Gallery and Design Studio is proud to announce our “Abstract Making Class/workshop” featured artist, Mary Collins. Her show entitled “Blue Series” is the culmination of what she learned in class. The artwork depicts the Principles and Elements of Art and Design using textures and grounds, color mixtures and schemes, and brush and paint strokes.


Featured Art – “Yantra” by Frost Newton

Mixed Media

Frost Newton is an East Bay artist, who paints with gouache and oil. In this particular piece, he uses mixed media to create a clean and dimensional presentation. Frost uses a spray gun for the grounds to capture and create this flawless effect, and his skillful handling of paints capture an ineffable awe that grabs the eye creating a surrealistic visual field. Frost Newton’s work is truly remarkable and masterful.

“Small Art” Group Show

SMALL art group showThe Paolo Mejia Art Gallery and Design Studio is proud to have it’s first “Small Art” group show* this April. The “Small Art” group show will provide a diverse repertoire of original artwork and design works at an affordable price. The goal of the show is to showcase emerging artists and designers and, their ability to make art that has gusto, and is packed in small scale. Every piece selected will show and represent who the artist is at the best of what they do. Come join us this April to see the group show.

The show will be held thru: 4/2/2013 4/27/2013

Featured art – “It Must Be the Angels” by Diego Marcial Rios

It Must Be the AngelsWoodblock print on Okorawa paper
Approximately 2.5′ x 4.5′

Diego Marcial Rio is a San Francisco Bay Area artists who paints in acrylics and works with woodblock. In this particular artwork, he illustrates many social-economic problems faced by contemporary society. The figures and landscapes depicts industrial and moral deterioration that are a reflection of society’s urban decay. Overall, this artwork explores a product of society’s actions.