North Beach Open Studio


The Paolo Mejia Fine Art and Design and Gallery 1317 partners invite everyone to attend  North Beach’s Open Studio here at our facility this weekend of October 24 + 25. We are showcasing a very eclectic group of work. Come see the weekend show and purchase a piece or two and support your artists.

Guest Artists:

Ben Kellgren
Bernard Bolter
DC Wong
Fanny Renoir
Jason Avery Kelch
Lane Justice
Laurie Vanina
Lucia Gonella
Mel Vera Cruz
Nancy Calef
Paolo C. Mejia
Rea De Guzman
Yvette brown
and more…

(*We are NON-Artspan affiliated.)



NEWS: Custom Picture Framing


As part of art related services that our gallery offers, we will be integrating and introducing custom picture framing in our repertoire. With our ten years of custom picture framing experience and professional customer service, you can entrust your artistic projects upon us, and that it will be finished and completed to your liking. Follow us in our venture and get your custom picture framing done at our facility.

Fundraising/donation to Bantay Bata (Child Watch)

The Paolo Mejia Art Gallery and Design Studio is asking everyone to join us to help fund raise for a good cause by purchasing art from our featured artists’ gallery. Percentage of the proceeds will be donated to our selected non-profit foundation. The non-profit foundation that the gallery is supporting is called Bantay Bata (Child Watch). Bantay Bata (Child Watch) is a non-profit foundation that was established to rescue abused, abandoned and dislocated children living in the Philippines.

The art gallery is helping to fund raise to rehabilitate an old, worn down, dilapidated center that’s in a dire need of repair for their rescued children. While the center is being used for shelter for rescued children, keeping up with the cost of maintaining the facility has been tough with lack of funding. So, in the past years, the center has been braking down due to lack of funds to keep it maintained. In much ado, the children’s foundation and gallery’s goal is to raise up to $80K in order to fix the entire center. With the funding, it will help fix broken and rusted windows, cracked and chipped walls, torn and holed ceilings inappropriate for living conditions. We ask everyone, your friends, family and anyone else that can lend a hand to help raise fund for a great cause.

If you are interested in purchasing art visit our site at Or, if you can lend a hand by donating in monetary value please contact us at or contact JoAnn Kyle at ABS-CBN Bantay Bata Foundation International: Any help will make a difference in the lives of these rescued children. Thank you for your time.

Paolo Mejia Art Gallery and Design Studio Services

The Paolo Mejia Art Gallery and Design Studio offer services that attempts to meet customer’s and client’s need whether to diversify and extend their art collection, or reorganize, revamp, improve and/or add taste and color to their environment, or design simple visual graphics to help their business by:

*Original art works
*Renting artworks per day or week
*Installation of arts/mirrors
*Preparatory for art shows/events

*Gallery rental
*Framing consultation/framing

*Simple Graphic Design (Business Cards, Collaterals, Letterheads)
*Interior decor reorganization
*Interior Decor logistics/planning
*Refurbished small furniture (coming soon)
*Interior/exterior painting

These are the services that we offer to meet the demands of our customer’s and client’s need. Let us know if we can be of service. Thank you.

Welcome to Paolo Mejia Fine Art and Design


We welcome you to our site. Our site offers everyone access to fine art, art related services, and a platform for artists to showcase at.

As an on-line and brick-and-mortar fine art gallery, we provide access to innovative and original artwork and design work. Artwork are for sale by artists and designers that work and collaborate with us. As a design shop, we offer various art related services that completes your creative projects and/or artistic needs such as, art/picture installation, custom picture framing, and interior decor logistics. And lastly, as an event destination, we share and inform art happenings and news within our gallery and art community.

These are just few things that we offer as a platform and destination place. We encourage everyone to check out more of our site and pass by our brick-and-mortar gallery.


Resident Artists / Artist Gallery

Our gallery represents several in-house artists. Learn who they are, see what they make, and purchase an original artwork.


Custom Modular Picture Framing

Our gallery offers several art related services. Custom modular picture framing is one of the services we offer to enhance and protect your art collection and pictures. Get a free consultation and quote. (We do mobile consulting for your convenience. We go to you if you cannot go to us.) Also, you can visit our picture framing website at


Picture Hanging / Art Installation

Our gallery offers picture hanging / art installation services that completes your home projects. Just moved or renovating? We will help you with layout and proper picture installation.


Interior Decor Logistics


Another service we offer at our gallery/shop/showroom is interior decor logistics. Are you tired of the decor you have in your house or office or don’t know what to do or how to make your environment look better? We can help you manage the design of your living space and make it a more welcoming and relaxing place to be. Visit us and let’s talk about it!

Graphic Design


Have a need for a graphic designer? We can help you. We can help you design your business cards, flyer, post cards, t-shirt, promotional handouts and many more. Let us know how we can be of  service. Contact us with your graphic needs and we will see if we could help you in any way with your project



JULY: Fridays and Saturday – Outdoor art shows

AUGUST: TBA – Outdoor art show in collaboration with Opal